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Wildlife Management AreaDownload316

  Transportation Infrastructure

NameLinkSize in KB
Navigable WaterwaysDownload43
Rail RoadsDownload691
Intermodal FacilitiesDownload12
Road by Functional ClassDownload46,526


NameLinkSize in KB
Levee or DikeDownload300
USDA Soil Survey Geographic NEDownload111,518
USDA Soil Survey Geographic NWDownload111,855
USDA Soil Survey Geographic SEDownload81,547
USDA Soil Survey Geographic SWDownload125,912

  Emergency Preparedness

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Fire StationsDownload132
Gas Stations & Convenience StoresDownload328
Hospital Related ServicesDownload47
Permitted FacilitiesDownload752
Police StationsDownload73

  Community Facilities

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Municipal BoundariesDownload845
Parks & Public Land BoundariesDownload1,141
Private SchoolsDownload28
Public School DistrictsDownload1,250
Public SchoolsDownload50

  Local Zoning & Land Use

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Parcel CentroidsDownload100,668
Parcel PolygonsDownload79,505

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Although this data has been processed successfully on computers at the Arkansas Geographic Information Office, no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made by Arkansas Geographic Information Office regarding the use of these data on any other system, nor does the act of distribution constitute or imply any such warranty. Distribution of these data is intended for information purposes and should not be considered authoritative for engineering, legal and other site-specific uses.

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