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Marion, Crittenden County, AR

Executive Summary

Marion offers a welcoming environment for businesses of varying scales, accommodating small, locally-owned retail establishments, expansive multi-thousand square-foot warehouses or manufacturing ventures, and everything in between. Beth Wilson, the Economic Development Director, is ready to collaborate with you on behalf of the City of Marion to facilitate the establishment of your presence in the area. Feel free to contact her at 870.739.6041 or via email at

STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE: UNMATCHED ACCESSIBILITY Marion enjoys a favorable placement, strategically positioned to efficiently cater to the entire United States. Boasting convenient access to rail, river, road, and air routes, we provide diverse transportation alternatives to ensure prompt delivery of your goods. Situated mere minutes from the Memphis International Airport and with straightforward access to I-55 and I-40, we provide the advantages of proximity to Memphis without the everyday challenges of a bustling metropolis.

**MARKET REGION ** Marion is strategically positioned to serve a population exceeding 1,000,000 in its trade area. Beyond the local residents, there is a significant number of regional consumers located within a 60-minute drive of Marion. Additionally, Marion boasts a daily traffic count exceeding 100,000.

Sources : 12/2023

Transportation Infrastructure

West Memphis Municipal Airport

Convenience: Just 10 minutes to downtown Memphis. Need ground transportation, catering, hotel reservations, or conference room facilities? Our friendly and professional staff will gladly help you with your reservations, and catering orders.

Crew Services: Courtesy van, Enterprise rental cars, discounts at area hotels. Private pilot lounge, high speed Internet, weather and flight planning computers, and complimentary coffee, ice, and popcorn.

Full-Service FBO: Fuel discounts, Phillips 66 Into-Plane Fuel, one night free tie-down with fuel purchase, no landing fees, overnight hangar space, lav cart, GPU, and on-site Doppler Radar.

Memphis International Airport

Memphis International Airport (MEM) is the busiest cargo airport in North America, and the second-busiest in the world.

It is home to the FedEx Express global hub, often referred to as the FedEx Superhub or simply the Superhub, which processes many of the company's packages.[5] Nonstop FedEx destinations from Memphis include cities across the continental United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America.

United Parcel Service (UPS) also has a significant presence at MEM, with a campus of approximately 134 acres. The footprint of their facilities currently measures 293,000 square feet, and ongoing expansion will soon increase that number to 424,000 square feet. The UPS expansion will up UPS’s packing sorting capability to 59,800 packages per hour. Once expansion is complete, UPS will employ about 950 employees at MEM.


I-55 at Marion has an average daily traffic count of 42,000


1-40 at Marion has an average daily traffic count of 46,000.

AR State Hwy. 77 and AR State Hwy. 64

The center of Marion is at the crossroads of AR State Hwy. 77 and AR State Hwy. 64. The highways provide an alternate north-south and east-west route to I-40 and I-55.

Port of West Memphis

The West Memphis-Crittenden County Port Authority owns a general purpose river terminal and a special purpose grain terminal. Rail service is available nearby. The Port is within five miles of I-40 and I-55. They are currently in the middle of a three-phase project to improve ease of travel to and from the port.

Port of Memphis

The International Port of Memphis is the second largest inland port on the shallow draft portion of the Mississippi River, and the 5th largest inland Port in the United States.

The International Port of Memphis covers the Tennessee and Arkansas sides of the Mississippi River from river Mile 725 to mile 740. Within this 15 mile reach, there are 68 water fronted facilities, 37 of which are terminal facilities moving products such as: petroleum, tar, asphalt, cement, steel, coal, salt, fertilizers, rock & gravel, and of course grains.

The International Port of Memphis is 400 river miles from St. Louis and 600 River miles from New Orleans and is ice free year round.

The jurisdictional and statistical boundaries of the International Port of Memphis include the McKeller Lake/Presidents Island complex, the West Memphis Harbor, the Rivergate Harbor, the Wolf River Harbor downtown, and Fullen Dock and Harbor north of downtown.

At present, 95% of the industries that are in the International Port of Memphis are located on Presidents Island.

UP Intermodel Yard A 600 acre, $70 million intermodal terminal open since July 1998 within the Marion city limits. The facility can handle 95 intermodal "double-stack" railcars at a time and 375,000 over the road trailers or ocean going containers annually. The facility is adjacent to a 1250 acre site currently under option with the city of Marion.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Memphis Intermodal Facility 4814 Lamar Avenue Memphis, TN 38118

Sources : 01/2021 : 12/2023 : 12/2023

Cost of Living Index

  • County : 89.0

What's This?


Property taxes in Marion

Real and Personal Property taxes are assessed at 20%

The Millage rate for Marion is 51.10

Marion Sales Tax

The combined sales tax for Marion is 10.25%. The total is comprised on a 6.5% Arkansas Sales Tax, 1.75% Crittenden County Tax, 2% Marion City Tax. An additional 1% tax is collected on lodging and prepared food.

Sources : 01/2021


Marion City Government

The City of Marion is governed by the mayor and six at-large city council members, each serving four-year terms. The current Mayor, Tracy Brick, was elected to her first term in November 2022.

Sources : 01/2021


Marion Countryside Loop

Embarking on a cycling adventure in the Arkansas Delta presents an enjoyable and educational experience suitable for the whole family. For a leisurely biking excursion, consider exploring the recently established Marion Countryside Loop.

Spanning over 30 miles within the city of Marion, this loop invites riders to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of the Arkansas Delta landscape. The route encompasses flat Delta terrain, ensuring a smooth and accessible ride for every member of the family.

Sultana Museum

Explore the Sultana Disaster Museum, situated just north of Marion, which is dedicated to unraveling the tragic events surrounding the Sultana Steamboat disaster in 1865. This museum delves into the aftermath of the worst maritime tragedy in U.S. history, unfolding right after the conclusion of the Civil War.

The museum's mission is to recount the lost stories of the disaster and the individuals who lived through this harrowing experience, offering a poignant exploration of a critical chapter in American history.

Sources : 01/2021

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